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October 27, 2020

Tim Duncan the Best Power Forward and not even close

Duncan played all of his 19 seasons with the San Antonio Spurs. Winning five titles, two MVPs and many accolades. All players who played with his position considered as great also. Named Karl Malone who is an MVP an all-time leading scorer also. Kevin Garnett who plays with his era. The best defender as they said. Dirk Nowitzki a rival was a champion , who win MVP in 2007. Charles Barkley an MVP who led the Phoenix Suns to the Finals.

These guys are not even close to Duncan’s achievement as a player. It’s not a bias thing I’m saying but the truth. It’s not because of Parker and Manu as his teammates. Part of the game where you make your teammates better. These two were unknown when the NBA Draft is settled. They fit into Duncan’s guidance as to their man.

Malone had Stockton, Dirk had Nash, Barkley had Johnson and even put a dream team in Houston. Kevin Garnett had Cassel, Marbury, and Sprewell in Minnesota, Pierce, and Allen in Boston. These guys were an All-Star they already made their name in the league.

It’s a lazy excuse that Duncan had a Hall of Famer guys. Duncan beat the Shaq and Kobe duo who dominated the league in years. That time Parker and Ginobili was still unknown. David Robinson is going to retire when the season ends. Timmy overcomes Wallace’s Pistons in an epic battle. He was a force in the middle that the Spurs rely on. Malone was a flop in the Finals. Garnett looks like a rookie in 2004 West Finals.

Duncan never wins a Defensive Player of the Year but he is leading his team on the defensive end. He doesn’t score too much like Dirk, Malone, and Barkley but he keep his team wins. Duncan isn’t a hype like other power forward.

The Spurs build around Duncan and the impact is still presence on the current Spurs. Do the right way and win it. Tim Duncan never been a journeyman like Garnett and Malone did or even Charles. Because he is a jewel with the Spurs since the day he was drafted until he retired.

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