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October 25, 2020

Tim Duncan Spurs a Dynasty even without back to back

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They win 5 titles but they never repeated, that was said by those who’s salty with the Spurs. Even Phil Jackson said, they aren’t a dynasty they never win it all. The 99 title against the Knicks was an asterisk he added.

Yes the San Antonio Spurs didn’t take it but they are a contender with Duncan in three different decades. Spurs had four championship in 9 years and secured fifth after seven years. In 2000 Duncan out of the playoffs, Derek Fisher shot was impossible and Manu Ginobili carelessness cost the series in 2006. Even in 2008, the Lakers made a mid-season trade, and sent the Spurs packing home in conference finals.

The Miami Heat didn’t last, after four consecutive finals and they broke up. Now being back to a mediocre team.

The Spurs are always in the conversation every year. Winning back to back or three feat a little bit of overrated.

Look at the Chicago Bulls after winning six in the 90’s. They are out of the picture in many years and with Derrick Rose injury they had no idea how to start the franchise.

The Los Angeles Lakers miss sixth straight season in playoff. After the three peat in 2000 to 2002 they won after seven years.

The Warriors on the other hand won against the Cavaliers in 2015 but can’t dominate a healthy LeBron James led team the next year. Golden State Warriors won the last two but need another MVP to dominate the Cavaliers.

Phil Jackson secretly jealous about the Spurs. Consistency is the key about them, why they are always in the hunt every single year.

Maybe this people questioned Spurs success had jealousy in heart. Even the Spurs small market can compete on high level versus the others like Lakers, Warriors or Knicks.

Spurs don’t really attract free agency that’s why they develop players and had the best scout in the league.

The Spurs is a dynasty and they are coming back in front of any of these great team and take the title again.

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1 thought on “Tim Duncan Spurs a Dynasty even without back to back

  1. gracious in defeat and magnanimous in victory…humble as much as possible…that’s the spurs way of life..

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