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October 21, 2020

Tim Duncan reacts after officially inducted into Basketball Hall of Fame

Spurs greatest of all time Tim Duncan officially inducted into the hall of fame. After playing 19 seasons for the lone franchise, winning five titles he called it the end of the journey.

Kind of the end of a journey here. It was an incredible career. I enjoyed it so much. To call it a dream come true isn’t doing it justice,” Duncan said. “I never dreamed I’d be at this point.”

After being selected first overall pick by San Antonio in 1997, he put the team on top. Beating great team’s like a dynasty Lakers, underrated Detroit Pistons and Miami Heat. Facing great opponents like Kobe Bryant who also inducted to the 20020 Hall of Fame and others.

I played the game. Enjoyed the game. Loved what I did,” Duncan said. “To be here now with the guys that I am going to be put into the Hall of Fame with is an amazing class.”

Tim Duncan is thankful for his teammates for the success he had in his career. He mentioned David Robinson, Avery Johnson, Sean Elliott, and Vinny del Negro.

Staying four years in college was huge for me,” said Duncan. “Same thing with the Spurs. I walked into a situation where I got to learn from some of the best. I had great teammates. I had an opportunity to grow. While not being counted on as much as a No. 1 pick is usually is.”

Said Duncan: “I was happy to be there.

Duncan added that he’s in a great position in San Antonio with his teammates who’s one goal is winning.

We just wanted to win. With that singular goal, I never felt underappreciated,” said Duncan.

Source: Jeff Garcia; NEWS4SA

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