May 17, 2021

Tim Duncan: Picked by a former champion and an IDOL by an ALL STAR

Images from SpursDynasty Page

When we talk the power forward position Duncan is a lock number one, and nobody comes close. Even we talk about the modern NBA, Tim Duncan exist he led the 2014 San Antonio Spurs champion.

His young career, battled with Kevin Garnett and Dirk Nowitzki though very tough player to watch and Timmy dominated this guys.

In a TV Show titled First Take, Scottie Pippen choosed Duncan over Lebron James. He said ” I know people would hate me for this but I’d probably go with Tim Duncan”. He reasoned by saying he is looking outside of the particular era and thinking overall.

How do we love Blake Griffin dunking, a perfect lob pass or another posted dunks.

Blake idolized Tim Duncan, he says ” I remember one of my first time playing against him, he look at me and made a joke. Every time we would line up next to each other he was always like. I remember probably, three or four seasons in, it might have been preseason or early in the season and he looks over and goes ‘Oh your still here? That type of stuff I always remember talking to him. There’s a lot of guys you talk to free throw line and definitely relationship form.

Blake and Duncan battled in playoff twice in 2012 and 2015, the first was a swept by the Spurs and last one was an epic game 7 were Timmy played like a 20 year old but lost the series were he is half step late to block Chris Paul shot.

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