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November 24, 2020

Tim Duncan is the real reason why players team up with each other

Kevin Garnett had a statement that they are the real reason why LeBron James leave the Cavaliers for the Heat. The Boston Celtics beat the Cavaliers in 2008 and 2010 to reach the NBA Finals. The Celtics won in 2008 who made a lot of moves to improve the worst Boston. A series of multiple trades including Ray Allen. Maybe this statement is true but James had a mental toughness in him.

He is not the guy who will compete against the best. James wants to be the best together with another best.

Tim Duncan is the real one who really broke the real dynasty. They beat the Lakers who are aiming for a four-peat Since then, they need Karl Malone and Gary Payton to beat Tim Duncan with young Manu and Parker. David Robinson retired that year and they loss Stephen Jackson in free agency. Duncan is a silent killer without a splash on his attitude. He came to a small market to ruined big markets and the media doesn’t love it.

The Dallas Mavericks upgraded their own with Jason Terry, Keith Van Horn, and Josh Howard to compete with the Spurs. While the Phoenix Suns had to buy Steve Nash and put Amare Stoudemire with great teammates around him but still underachiever because of San Antonio. The Lakers made a midseason trade in 2008 to improve their chances to beat the defending champion which they did.

Nobody thinks that Timmy will smash the Lakers in 2004. The prime Shaq and Kobe with a good quality role player against one man who is in one healthy leg after the surgery in 2000. The seven seconds or less of the Suns which no team can stop in the regular season is no answer in 2005 of West Finals just win one game against San Antonio.

Kevin Garnett of Minnesota Timberwolves just lost one playoff series to the Spurs in 1999. He’s team only reach the West Finals once in 2004. Then the rest sucks, he is the one who joined the Celtics to create a superteam.

While Tim Duncan just came to the game doesn’t care who will be with him. Even those guys are playing from Europe or names can’t be read clearly. All he did is kicking everybody’s ass.

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