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October 27, 2020

Tim Duncan honored Kobe Bryant in Tim Duncan’s way

Few hours after the tragic death of Kobe Bryant the Lakers legend. Big names around the world show how great they had with Kobe in their life. The way this man called Black Mamba influence them in playing basketball or the impact on their existence. NBA players shared their memories with Kobe by posting on social media. Others had interviews, invited in talk shows and changed Jersey numbers.

Tim Duncan the fiercest rival of Kobe Bryant on the court. Offered no interviews, no social media post because he doesn’t have one. Only tears from the bottom of his heart, that the guy who part of his challenges in life to be a winner was already gone. He made it in his own way a quiet and simple one.

The two are not known to be a friend off the court but neither enemies. They combined to win 10 titles within 16 years. Starts from 1999 to 2014. In the early 2000s if not the Lakers, Spurs will be a representative of the Western Conference to the NBA Finals. Only the Dallas Mavericks are the silly team made out of the West twice in 2006 and 2011 by defeating Spurs and Lakers respectively.

Basketball shows always make debates but who’s better Duncan or Bryant. These two ranks most in the top ten as the greatest of all time. Once Kobe Bryant quoted in 2016 that he’s jealous of Timmy’s career as Duncan bonding with Popovich. The debate for the greatest will not be answered soon or ever. But the love and respect for each other are undeniable.

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