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October 26, 2020

Thus Fans losing faith for San Antonio Spurs?

For the last two years since the retirement of the big three and Kawhi Leonard Saga. The Spurs become mediocre at best, two first-round exits in consecutive years. This season had the worst record so far, six games below .500 basketball. They had the longest losing season for 20 years. Experienced eight games losing streak for the first time in franchise history. They became one of the worst in the Western Conference.

The fans started to debate and talk about speculations of trades. Who needs to go and to stay. The current roster isn’t built to contend now. Spurs leading man LaMarcus Aldridge and DeMar DeRozan isn’t clutch, can’t lead the team to be a title contender. Most of the time when they lose fans starting to trade these guys. They get rid of everything.

San Antonio is the only franchise that never takes a losing season since I watch this association. As a fan are we losing our faith, even with Gregg Popovich a master of five banners we’d cheer for years. Losing is just a part of a process to get better. The Spurs can win games and lose some of it, it’s normal. We beat the best hype teams like Clippers and Rockets and loss to the weak-ass Cavaliers.

This team’s much better than the records show they can compete against anyone in this league. Only 26 games played in the season, they can change these things around if Spurs young guys like Murray, Walker, and White convince Pop to put them on the court more. They are the advantage of SPurs compared to everyone. Athletic can score and the most important thing is the defense that they bring. There are games that proved that these three provide positivity to everybody.

So why do we lose hope if we aren’t out? The way you guys disappointed in Murray before he explodes is the same with Popovich. Until he stops putting stupid rotation at all. Bench Marco for the rest of the season. Put together these Spurs next big three on the clutch moment. Let them take over the game. Just put Aldridge and DeRozan do their things by scoring when they’re on fire. The Spurs losing but did you the significant improvements of the team lately? The team had the potential to be great, this season is only a test if how good Spurs young guns. They are living expectations more than the media’s way of thinking.

Just wait for those Gregg Popovich who put the San Antonio Spurs on the map before you put the ass in your mouth.

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