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October 31, 2020

Three Reasons Why the Spurs will be a 50 win Team

ESPN’s Zach Lowe believes that the Spurs will be a 50 win team this season. For back to back years, they totaled 47 and 48 wins only. The streak of 50 wins is over that they started in the Tim Duncan era. The injury was one cause they can’t win too many.

With this coming season, Spurs had a lot of optimism. Maybe they can prove doubters wrong again. The reason why the Spurs will achieve more than the media thinks.

All-Star Demar DeRozan


In his first season, the Spurs just improve one win. Prior to that the Kawhi Leonard saga. He posted 21,6,6, as he improves as a playmaker. With a three-point shot as his weakness, he is trying to work out on it. Already learn and familiarize the system in his second season. We expect that DeRozan numbers will translate into wins. A lot of chip on him, with a free agency looming. To prove his worth, to motivate himself the Raptors win a title. These things help him to fuel his game.


Tough to swallow but the Spurs defense last season was rank on the bottom. This not the Spurs we know in the recent. They give up too many points. They can’t stop when needed. With a lack of firepower on offense, they need somebody to fill the void. Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard exit plus the Dejounte Murray injury hurt the team defense too much. We witness that the Spurs is a stop away to win game seven against Denver. With Murray and White filling the backcourt it starts with them. The addition of Demarre Carroll will also help.


Injuries ruin the Spurs chance to win. Murray was out for the whole season. Derrick White and Rudy Gay miss a significant amount of games. These guys were the most important in the team. They are starters who can putt buckets and make opposing teams work to score. If you spend more on the court you create familiarity, they can work on the team’s weakness.

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