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October 27, 2020

This is the most inconsistent Spurs but they’re fun to watch

The good old days of Spurs are over. Those years that you can say, San Antonio Spurs are the most dominant team in the league. When we watch only for two and a half quarters because the Spurs already secured a big lead to win the competition. We are sitting confidently that teams can score as many as they want but we’re pretty sure that the Spurs can still be victorious. The Spurs who can keep the lead can make clutch free throws are definitely gone.

The current Spurs are very different right now. The most inconsistent team they had despite the potential they had. But these group of guys is fun to watch. They will let you watch them right from tip-off to the final buzzer. For Spurs, they can’t take the lead-safe as sometimes they blow it up or made it a close game. Sometimes they started slow which they need to overcome those games. San Antonio had a lot that comes from behind to win it all. There are games that they should take a winning but still losing badly on a losing team.

Spurs still had Gregg Popovich employed but they don’t have Tim Duncan, Manu or Parker who play both ends. These groups can dominate games that make you less worried. Unlike the new young blood in San Antonio, they are fun to watch even they can give you all the pressure while watching.

DeMar DeRozan missed a lot of free throws to win the game but had consistency in his play. The former All-Star when he dunked over people. When DeRozan starts flying he’s fun to watch.

LaMarcus Aldridge revitalized his game is fun to watch shooting threes. Dejounte Murray entertains us when he blocks shot against the big man in the league. Patty Mills thrills us every game. Lonnie Walker IV put as on an oh wow game.

These groups only put us in front of our screen for a full 48 minutes. Some of us disagree with some of our guys when they are a mess on the court. A lot of guys can step up every second at an unexpected moment. They put us on frustration when they lose to teams that supposedly they should win. But they give us the reason to believe when beating the best teams in the league. We shout louder when they overcome a huge deficit to take a win. That made the Spurs fun to watch all the games.

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