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January 17, 2021

This NBA Playoffs Demar DeRozan is need to attack and attack


On his first season in Spurs, leading the team in scoring in points and assists, he led the league on assisting in three point attempts. When Demar aggressively attacking the lane, defense collapsed on him which led his teammates to a better option for an open shot and a better result. As de facto point guard he did this consistently.

DeRozan all is love with

Posted by Spursandsports on Friday, April 12, 2019

NBA playoffs can be physical for him trying to get him out of rhythm. Will Barton will like his man on defense, which DeRozan had advantage on height, quickness and experience.

Yes they had a lot of lost in Toronto Raptors, but he was only the man and nobody can stop LeBron James when the offense isn’t working. With the Spurs, he had a lot of weapons and shooters, he had his Big man who can score on his own, they had a team that can help him to succeed and of course the greatest coach of all time was on his side. All he need to do is to attack and attack.

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