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October 27, 2020

This is the right time for DeRozan to prove his worth in San Antonio

The Spurs have been clear that the common goal is to continue the playoff streak. They’re eager to get it even some people around the city wants them to lose more games to get a better chance in the lottery. Probably they believe that certain pick can help the franchise to get better in the future. But with veterans like DeRozan, Aldridge, Patty Mills, and Rudy Gay they don’t like to be on the bad side of history. They don’t really care what is the Spurs going to do in the playoffs but they will take every chance.

With the report that LaMarcus Aldridge been done for the season due to right shoulder injury, the hopes for the postseason are getting slim. He’s the second team-leading scorer and a threat to the paint. Without Aldridge, opponents will focus on the perimeter which the team had struggles. The Spurs leading scorer DeMar DeRozan needs to carry the load for San Antonio. The four-time All-Star needs to effectively consistent to give the team a better chance. There is some stretch in January that DeRozan recorded 20+ points with 50% shooting from the field in more than 10 consecutive games. With that performance, the Spurs entered the top eight but it didn’t get last long as they suffered a losing skid on their Rodeo Road Trip.

This could be the best time for DeMar DeRozan to show how valuable he is to the team. In a prove season to secure another max extension of his contract. He needs to be more than a scorer but to be more of a leader to a young team. Critics have been following him on how to lead a team when the game counts. With some of the Spurs lose, they pointed DeRozan on how he missed those shots instead of giving his team a win. DeMar DeRozan improved his numbers in San Antonio but failed to produce a winning season. Instead, they’ve been in the limbo outside of the top eight all season.

Everything happened for a reason, every defeat they got to learn from it. The present is the most important for DeRozan now, to secure a better future. Every second he playing well he will be an inspiration for the young Spur. Every bad decision making could loom the chance to be in the postseason which could be record-breaking. Most of all, his tenure in Black and Silver uniform is likely to be an end.

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