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October 24, 2020

This could be the most clutch rotation for San Antonio

San Antonio Spurs personnel had been lost on the offensive end every time they need it. Their main guy Aldridge and DeRozan can’t handle this thing carefully. The game against Cavaliers is simply a win ahead of five with 20 seconds left. But DeRozan can’t seal it by missing two charity. The game went to overtime and they lose by eight, same with Rockets in Houston. They blow a 25 point lead, miss the go-ahead three by Forbes which Spurs could take the lead. They tried it twice again but the same result.

On those three wins that they had recently the Spurs convert a good play. First against the Rockets two weeks ago, Walker scored eight straight points to force overtime. Jakob takeover in defense. Against the Kings, Marco made a game-tying three and Murray made a go-ahead mid-range but the defense is the one seal the game. In Mexico, Patty Mills made a go-ahead shot to take a win. Same thing, 9 seconds to become a loss until Murray force another turnover.

Spurs can avoid these meltdowns in clutch moments if they will put their best rotation most of the time.

The combination of Murray, White, Walker, Aldridge, and Jakob is a very talented defensive group. From the perimeter down to the lane and the rim. These groups really make the stop if they need it. It’s a hard puzzle to solve by an opponent how to put up points. They are long, athletic, play honest defense without fouling.

Offensively, they are underrated only Walker and White can shoot from the arc.

With any of the three backcourts had the ball, they had the best chance to score inside the arc. White can bully his man by himself alone. Same with Walker, while Aldridge can still make a post up. Jakob and Murray always give you second chances of opportunity.

Other options should be Murray, Walker, DeRozan, Aldridge, and Jakob. The insertion of DeRozan is his playmaking ability. If he’s playing the right way to make good decisions then the Spurs chance to win is likely. DeRozan had a clutch issue prior to his career to be a Spur but he’s improved as a playmaker. Their still nobody in the current Spur can make set a play than DeRozan.

If this rotation could earn more minutes the Spurs is in no need a game-winner or game-tying. It will be likely a dominant game from San Antonio. They need to develop their chemistry once and for all to become successful.

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