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October 30, 2020

Things we should wish for the Spurs this Christmas

The San Antonio Spurs had been in a real struggle. The worst record they had in two decades of basketball. The good thing is they win in a dominant way before Christmas day against the Memphis Grizzlies.

As fans hopefully we wish the best for our lovely team San Antonio Spurs. These are the things we wish for them this season.

Veterans should play consistently on a nightly basis. The duo of DeRozan and Aldridge should lead the young guys. The energy should come from them. Leaders can influence others by body language alone. If they can keep the morale from themselves, the Spurs will be better. They will be a nightmare matchup to anybody.

Gregg Popovich’s rotation must be improved. Most of their losses are accountable to him. They give up some big leads, loss to the bad team. A wrong combination of guys who is worst defensively stayed on the court together. If he learns to trust defensive-minded Demarre Carroll to put on the floor the better. The more he put Marco Belinelli on the bench, Spurs had a good chance to win.

Lonnie Walker IV’s playing time should be consistently increased. He’s the man when they rally to the Houston Rockets. Offensively and defensively he’s a force against the MVP James Harden. The energy he brings right from the start he steps on the floor brings positive impacts to the team. He’s part of the big picture for the team’s future. Put him on the court makes him better every second he breathe.

Dejounte Murray should improve offensively. This means more awareness of his teammate’s position to score. Aggressive on his shot with confidence to avoid more turnovers. Minimizing turnover could lead them to more chance of scoring. Defensively he’s better than what San Antonio expected from him.

The shooters need to shoot more from the arc. They are dead last at three-point attempts. But if they can shoot efficiently they had a good chance most the time had.

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