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October 27, 2020

Things That I remembered about Manu Ginobili on the Court


How do Manu Ginobili remembered by fans, by everybody in basketball world? The things that fans know about him. Here is the things we must remember about him when he is on the court.


Which one do you prefer, the latest you know was against Chris Bosh in Game 5 of 2014 NBA Finals.


The famous was against James Harden in Game 5 of 2017 West Semifinals to win the game and closed out the series in Game Six. He had this moment with Kevin Garnett and Dywane Wade also.


He is one of the best doing this thing before Lebron James had his own signature flop.

Game Winners

Remember those games in Milwaukee Bucks, he made a game winning shot. The next game he had another one drawing an offensive foul to Carmelo Anthony against the Denver Nuggets. But one of the greatest is against Golden State Warriors in Game One of 2013 West Semis. His game winning shot against the Phoenix Suns in 2008 playoffs was overshadowed by Tim Duncan performance.

The Euro Step

This is his favorite of all, he perfected this move and made this as his weapon every time driving to the lane.


Yes his assist record aren’t that great among others, but when he do a pass he put art on it by behind the back or no look pass. It’s look like always a dangerous pass. Swatting the Bat When the bat comes out and nobody can catch it, Ginobili is willing to do by only using his hand.

Playing with Injuries

He was so important member of the Spurs Big Three, his reckless playing style made him hurt. In 2010 against the Dallas Mavericks First Round Series where they are sixth seeded, Ginobili played with a broken nose. They win that series before getting swept by the Phoenix Suns the next round. Another series where they was upset by the eight seeded Memphis Grizzlies, Ginobili played with a broken elbow.

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