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October 21, 2020

There’s no way a 37-year-old Dennis Rodman can stop Tim Duncan

Before the full documentary of the Last Dance by Michael Jordan, he mentioned that if they stayed after 1998 they could at least win another. After that year, the San Antonio Spurs win their first title with Tim Duncan facing the Knicks and win in five games.

Kendrick Perkins saying that Chicago Bull will win with Dennis Rodman as the unsung hero going to dominates Duncan.

“I feel sorry for the Spurs,” Perkins said. “As we know he is the unsung hero for the Bulls, because they would have played the San Antonio Spurs, would have been Dennis Rodman.”

“We all know Dennis Rodman and the Spurs didn’t end on good terms. I know he would have been in Tim’s back pocket the whole series.”

In that 1999 series, Duncan faced Kevin Garnett, Shaquille O’Neal, and Sheed on his way to the Finals. So how can be a 37-year-old can stop an MVP candidate that year with both healthy knees?

Former Spurs Richard Jefferson is quick to say no way, Rodman could stop Tim Duncan but Perkins insisted himself.

“No way! We’re talking about ‘The Worm’,” Perkins said. “We’re arguably talking about the greatest defender on the block.”

Tim Duncan on his career always shows up in every playoff game whoever he matchup with him. In 2003, from Amare Stoudemire, Shaq, Dirk, and a tough Kenyon Martin Sr on his way to the second title. That Lakers was a dynasty with a prime Shaq. In 2005, Duncan overcame Ben and Rasheed Wallace to his third finals MVP. While in 2007, the Defensive Player of the year Marcus Camby is the good matchup for Tim Duncan which the Spurs win in five. Tim Duncan takes over the game in overtime against the Thunder in game six of 2014 Western Conference Finals. He also dominates the Clippers big man Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan in 2015 playoffs.

Even BJ Armstrong a former Bull said that Duncan will give a Chicago Bulls a good matchup.

“The player in my mind that if I was to ever say would give us (Bulls) the most problems or give him (Michael Jordan) the most problems would be Tim Duncan,” said Armstrong.

“Tim Duncan was a marvelous player. He played the game from the four, the five position. He was one of the unique players, like a Michael Jordan, who could get to spaces on the court you couldn’t do anything about.”

A long time Spurs TV broadcaster, Don Harris quoted this on Twitter.

Kendrick Perkins in mistaken. Duncan v. Rodman happened twice in 98. In Tim’s 3rd NBA he gave Rodman 19 & 22. He had a double double in the 2nd matchup as well. He was even better in his 2nd year. Finals MVP. Best player in the NBA finished 3rd in MVP Voting only bc of age bias.

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