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October 30, 2020

There’s a lot of positive things in a loss and the Spurs will not protest

San Antonio Spurs want to start a winning streak. They are ready for Houston Rockets who they beat two weeks ago. Dejounte Murray made his presence right away with his signature defense that bothered James Harden. The two had a scuffle that frustrates Harden after Murray stole the ball from him. While Bryn Forbes has been hot early with six three-pointers made in the first half alone. Which tied the currently Spurs record. Murray had 14 points in the first half with only a miss shot. LaMarcus Aldridge started on fire right in the first but went flat out in the second half.

The Spurs had 35 points and 18 turnovers in the second half. While the Spurs had a lead most of the game until they give up in more than 2 minutes left. They had still a chance to win it all. When the score is 107-104 the Spurs had a lot of missed opportunities. They went scoreless and miss a couple of three. But the big one is from Bryn Forbes when they are down by one. The ball went in for a second and rims it out. Forbes also misses the game-tying three. Rockets take advantage of fouling Derrick WHite instead to take a three.

There’s a lot of positive things in this game alone. It means they can match up with the two best scorers in the league. Popovich put Murray on Harden’s ass all game and the former MVP had four free throw attempts only. Shoots 34% from the field and 31% from the arc. An excellent hard nose defense on James Harden who can convince the referee on his favor most of the time. Even chasing down to block him at the rim that the Spurs converted into points. If the Spurs work hard on defense they can create more opportunities in the transition game.

Dejounte’s pointing of finger into Harden after the scuffle help him gained to his confidence. Mentally and physically never back down whoever you face. Even they are the MVP, that’s toughness for a young Spurs guard.

Derrick had another stellar game off the bench with 16 points. He helps Dejounte Murray to defend Russell Westbrook. He is aggressively looking for his shot that he went six times to the line before the last foul by PJ Tucker. Also, it’s great to watch the two shared on the court together. They can create chemistry from it and used it in the long term.

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