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October 27, 2020

The Warriors are looking for a big man, could they include Aldridge on their list?

One of the NBA executives said that if the Golden State Warriors wants to win next season they should find a guy that matches up with Los Angeles Lakers Anthony Davis per Kevin O’Connor. We witnessed how Anthony Davis dominated the NBA Finals against an injured Bam Adebayo. The Golden State Warriors are known for their small ball version which is very tough to defend. But they had guys like Kevin Durant and Andre Iguodala on that certain run. Plus the Dubs had the depth to give starters enough rest on the bench. Draymond was such a fantastic defender but he can’t be on the face of James and Davis every time if they play the Los Angeles Lakers.

Holding the second pick overall in this upcoming NBA Draft, this one could be a great impact on the Dubs future. But if they want to compete right now due to the age of Stephen Curry and luxurious contract for their big three they need to find a way to support their cast.

With a great relationship between Gregg Popovich and Steve Kerr, they can help each other on how to orchestrate a trade featuring LaMarcus Aldridge. The Spurs big man is in the final year of his guaranteed contract which could make sense for the Warriors. Aldridge edges Davis 13-12 in their matchup but Davis won the last four with three of it wearing a Lakers uniform. But Aldridge still a serviceable big man that can show up if somebody can take away the pressure out of him. He’s a perfect fit big who can shoot midrange and three. One of the recent arsenal he adds to his game. Aldridge’s defense was underrated despite his age at 35. A solid 17 and 9 a night could add to the Warriors production. The veteran can still give a tough challenge against any great big man in the league. Aldridge gives the Splash Brothers enough opening to shoots from the arc. A good finisher in a pick and roll or pop.

The only problem is how much both camps should they give up? Is LaMarcus Aldridge enough or a young player could be included in a package. Who’s that guy? Of course not Keldon Johnson neither Derrick White. Dejounte Murray or Lonnie Walker? Maybe an expiring contract. If one of these guys, for sure the Spurs will ask for the second pick overall plus future assets.

There’s also an option in the free agency if Andre Drummond opt-out with his player option. But the big man will ask to get paid at this moment in his career. Which a big problem for the Golden State financially. Blake Griffin could be another story but the injury and guaranteed money left on his contract hard to overcome will pause the Warriors to make the deal.

This Aldridge move could make the Warriors be a contender. The only question is how much do they will give up for a year rental?

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