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October 23, 2020

The Value of Patty Mills to San Antonio

Patty Mills has been in the Spurs uniform since 2012. From the end of the bench, waving his towel to cheer for his guys. To be one of the Spurs unsung heroes in the 2014 title run. Since then Mills has been with the Spurs as a leader. The front office rewarded him by giving an extension twice.

With the Spurs losing to the first round in playoffs in two consecutive years. People get an idea to trade him as he had the worst contract. But his value gives to San Antonio is more than we’ve seen in the box scores. Championship teams had a good locker room presence. Motivates his young teammates to fight for everything on the court. Give them confidence after a bad play, keeping the heads up after a loss.

Patty Mills has been trusting by Popovich to help his team on the court. The hustle he shows in every possession the effort to never give up. These things he contributed to the Spurs can’t be seen to the box score. Mills is willing to give his best for his team even he is on the bench. He made an effort to let his guys know that he loves the play they made. If Mills can give his team 10 points per game it was a usual Mills. If he made like the game against the Warriors the better for the Spurs.

Statistics on moving without the ball or give a hockey assist or extra pass didn’t put in the box scores. The guard from Australia was a very good shooter. He isn’t afraid to take the big shot. He can also play point guard for his team. Mills is an underrated defender despite his size. The skills he had to attack the lane a bit surprised. With him, the Spurs had many options to win, to keep better and stay competitive.

Patty Mills was an inspiration, he got cut by Portland Trail Blazers. Until the Spurs signed him to provide depth in the point guard position. He is the end of the bench guy but works out his way to be a valuable piece by losing weight in 2014. He’s been proud of his race, he helps his community. That’s why Gregg Popovich loves the high character guys, the Spurs talent is far from the others in the league. But with Mills, he helps the Spurs future more competitive. Ready to accept the challenge with young like Murray, White, Forbes, and Walker.

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