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October 19, 2020

The Unnoticed trades that help Spurs win

Spurs don’t really make a trade to boost roster. They only made a minor upgrade off the bench. They don’t trade their stars. The trades that help San Antonio wins the championship was not a headliner but help the team win.

Steve Kerr

With the sign and trade with the Bulls in 1999. The Spurs acquired Steve Kerr with the exchange of Chuck Person and a first-round pick in 2000. The first title run, Steve Kerr played 11 of 17 games to get the title. His numbers aren’t that great but he played good minutes and shooting three. With his finals stops in 2003, Kerr made four threes to help the Spurs eliminate the Mavs and won the second championship against the Nets.

Nazr Mohammed

Fan-favorite Malik Rose traded to the Knicks for Mohammed in 2005. He is the starting center for the Spurs who are the champion for the third time. The big man had two double-doubles in just the first round only. In-game five of the second round, he scored 19 points to take a 3-2 lead over the Sonics.

Matt Bonner

In 2006 Rasho Nesterovic traded to the Raptors for Matt Bonner. The Red Rocket win two titles with the Spurs. He helped extend the defense to the arc with his ability to shoot the three. In-game five of the West Finals, Bonner was inserted to the starting line up. To give the spacing and let Serge Ibaka get out of the paint. With the adjustment, Spurs win the next two games. Then overpowered the Miami Heat in the Finals.

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