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October 30, 2020

The Underrated Game of DeRozan

DeMar DeRozan is just a scorer in his first nine-year career in Toronto. The midrange was his main weapon and being slashers, he used it to drive to the rim and draw some foul. With these things, he helps the Raptors to reach for the first time since Chris Bosh era in 2007 to make the playoffs. They reach to the East Finals in 2016 before losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers in six games. He earned two All NBA and four-time All-Star. Remember this, Toronto Raptors’ second option was Kyle Lowry doing the damage.

After he got traded to the Spurs in July 2018, he is the first Spurs to average 20,6 and 6. With the injury of Dejounte Murray, he played a de facto point guard. It’s made DeRozan unpredictable offensively. He is not forcing his shot, it shows that he increased on his field goal percentage. The luxury of Gregg Popovich for having an extra playmaker aside from Murray and White. It’s a sign of maturity when you involve your teammates to keep the flow of the offense. DeRozan a willing passer to give another option on offense. This is what Kawhi Leonard never learned to be a good creator.

With his athletic ability, he uses elevation to make his teammates free. DeRozan attacked the lane to make an opening in the perimeter or three when the help defense comes. His awareness to make the right timing to pass the ball is something special like a point guard.

Against the Golden State Warriors, he just attempted seven field goals. Totaled 11 assists to help his team win. With him on the court, he lessened the job of either Dejounte or White. They keep on their main focus to play elite defense every possession. He made himself valuable even he had an off night offensively. It’s a tough task to guard a scorer and a willing passer. DeRozan was a perfect fit with the Spurs offense whoever Pop deploy even DeMar a below-average shooter from three because the Spurs didn’t take to much of it.

How Pop and the coaching staff do it is something special. Extraordinary coaching to add another weapon in his offense. We’ve seen he is not really forcing his way to create for his shot. He knows when to take over the game. Against the Knicks, when they are down he forces himself in an advantage to made back to back basket in the fourth. When he got the rebound he runs and finds Dejounte Murray in transition for a wide-open three. When they are down big against the Blazers he leads the come back to a victory. We will see more of maturity in his game with the season goes on. He just needs to take care of the ball a little bit as sometimes he’s unselfishness resulted in a turnover when he forces himself to the baseline.

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