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October 25, 2020

The true value of Dejounte Murray

Spurs point guard Dejounte Murray demoted into his role and come off the bench in favor of Derrick White. Pop made an adjustment in the middle of the team’s struggle. After White started the Spurs improved even the game result isn’t on the team’s favor. The main reason why Murray moved to the bench is the unfamiliarity with the starters. Most importantly, LaMarcus Aldridge who requested to Popovich that they need Derrick White to start. Also, he is a good compliment to DeMar DeRozan spacing and clears the driving lane.

Still, Murray one of the most valuable for San Antonio Spurs’ future. With the win against the Los Angeles Clippers, Murray is a big key to the team’s success. He doesn’t have big numbers to fill the stat sheets. When the Spurs had a good lead when White hitting threes. Murray did his role to protect that separation and even add the gap.

Washington’s product made an impact on defensive ends. DJ is one of the reasons why Paul George just had 2 field goals made. Playing straight-up defense to made difficult for opposing players to put up points. When the Clippers had an opportunity for a basket before the end of the third quarter. Murray stole the ball that denied the Clippers chance to cut the lead and build some momentum with one basket. The super sixth man Lou Williams also struggled, can’t help his squad when they need him. Dejounte, force Williams to missed a bad three. He also had some good moments against Kawhi Leonard.

Offensively he is limited which he missed long jumpers. But he is the only guard who can jump against the bigs to fight for a rebound. It’s a big heart for a young kid to give his team another opportunity to score. In the last six games, he only had a total of eight turnovers. Which means he starting to handling his job well.

All he needs to do is gain more confidence in his game. Fix his jump shot and turnover issues. The Spurs signed him for 60 million not just to be the second option but to be a man who will lead San Antonio Spurs into the next phase.

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