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November 24, 2020

The Spurs should Trade DeMar DeRozan?


The last time the San Antonio Spurs made a splash in the news; they traded Kawhi Leonard and got Demar DeRozan (DD).  Under the circumstances that the Spurs are currently at right now, the Spurs may need to trade DeRozan. 

Uniquely, the Spurs are in a bit of a conundrum for the first time in a long time.  The front office has a tough decision to make; should they keep DeMar or trade him and develop the young core they currently have.


Allow me to count the ways!

  • Age.  The average age of San Antonio Spurs right now is 26.  Although, DeRozan is just on his 30 this August and still on his prime, he just doesn’t fit into the young bloods of the Spurs anymore.  The breakout playoff season of Derrick white could considerably increase his minutes that would otherwise be given to DeMar. 
  • Future Tradable Value. The NBA is currently locked into 3-point shooting right now and DeMar’s tradable value on this sense is very low as he is 15.6% as of 2018-2019 season. Unlike, Aldridge’s 23.8% as a Forward/Center and DeMar is a Shooting Guard. 

Additionally, if we take True Shooting Percentage of DeMar he has .542 right now while the NBA’s top scorers have an average of 60%, Danny Green has .632.  As a matter of fact Bryn Forbes beats him as he has .586.  The defensive rating of San Antonio lowers whenever DD is on the floor.  For this reason he is ranked 47th among shooting guard in terms of defensive rating. (ESPN)

Generally speaking, the Spurs should trade DD while a number of NBA organizations are still in need of the style of play DeRozan brings.


  • Player Option-Contract.  DD has one more year with the Spurs before his player option year.  All things considered, there is a big possibility that he might not use it to stay with the Spurs so instead of letting him go for nothing the Spurs should trade him. 

Ultimately, The San Antonio Spurs should consider trading DeMar DeRozan to ensure that the Spurs are not cash strapped in the future like some NBA teams. 

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