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October 21, 2020

The Spurs Next Big Three in Years to come

The original big three was gone but the Spurs winning tradition is still a priority. With the picks who is just 19 years old only, the Spurs are ready to start again. The roster is set to make a push in the coming years.

The future of the team with White, Murray and Walker IV. Derrick White is only 25, DJ is 22 and Lonnie is 20. But at a young age, Murray and White already played meaningful minutes in the playoffs. The three of them is a defensive stud who a lot of upside on offense.

If Walker proves this season that he can play at his position. The Spurs are a dangerous threat in the West where nobody expected what is coming. Few in the league that can play both ends of the court. While the Spurs next big three will work hard on their offense. They already showed that they can get a bucket even not shooting a lot of three.

Walker IV had a flash when playing at a limited amount of time last season. Then he made a solid summer league performance. They are starting to show at their potential.

White inclusion in the USA team is giving him how to learn the details. He is not only a bench warmer but he led the second unit to build a lead for the team. Proving he is just only getting better every second he’s on the floor.

We already started that Murray is a jump shot away to be great. With his two years in the Spurs, he already has multiple games that what people are expecting to him.

The opposing teams had a hard time to figure out. How to win with this defensive wings in the perimeter and can also score at you. These guys are all business and want to win.

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