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October 27, 2020

The Spurs Creates Monsters

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The Spurs are known for turning everything into a monster. From Tony Parker who picked at 29 then became a starting point guard for 17 years. Nobody thinks how Parker and the Spurs did it. Next was Manu Ginobili who picked in 57 overall in 1999. These two turns into a monster and helps Duncan to win more.

In a market that nobody buys in what you’re selling. You will learn how to win and work in your own way. This was the Spurs doing in two decades put a system that nobody can match.

Only the Spurs knew that Bruce Bowen is an ass to opposing teams. Bowen started on every game that the Spurs win from 2001 to 2007.

In 2011, four years after the Spurs win the title. They get humiliated by Memphis Grizzlies and knocked out in the first round. It’s taken seven years to win once again with Kawhi Leonard. They need to develop the skills of Leonard in years before he is a steady contributor. Until he thinks of something he’s more than of San Antonio’s worth. Then the stupid goes and wants something new.

Once again the Spurs is mediocrity but like what I’ve said they are going to be fine. They turned Murray and White into something special. The two are on the same timeline of greatness.

While media is talking crap of somebody’s 70,60,50 or 40 points game but losing. The Spurs guys are winning and gaining experience in the postseason. Murray made his name before White explosion. The two with a lot of playoff games on their built.

The two will be a monster on opposing teams backcourt. They are the defensive lynchpin who will create havoc in the game. The Spurs perfect the process.

Lonnie Walker IV is scheduled to come out of his own. He started it in the last summer league. If the process is already set the Spurs once again will be on top. That the other 29 franchises didn’t see this coming quick.

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