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November 26, 2020

The Spurs can make a run to Andre Drummond without giving up young guys

This modern NBA doesn’t value the big men to be a cornerstone. Most teams look for a big that is quick and can shoot from the outside. Guys who prefer back to the basket aren’t in high demand unless if your name was Joel Embiid, Nikola Jokic, Rudy Gobert, or Karl-Anthony Towns. That’s why Andre Drummond’s name didn’t make flashy things when it was reported that the Cleveland Cavaliers and his camp are unlikely to complete a term of extension. With a player option of 28 million, the big man likely to opt-out and sign elsewhere.

“The big man is coming back. You look at the perennial bigs, we’ve got Jokic, Joel Embiid, myself, Porzingis, Nurkic, go down the list of bigs that are playing really,” said Andre Drummond.

As the Spurs can sign him via free agency without giving up too much. Among the teams in the league, only the Spurs still maximize the needs of a big man. They have plays that start from the post with LaMarcus Aldridge. The two-time All-Star averaged 18 points and 15 rebounds per game last season. Andre Drummond is still a force who used his size and skills to dominate. He never played in a great team for his seven-year career which only makes the postseason twice in 2016 and 2019. The Spurs will be a great team with his addition. The big was a four-time rebounding leader in his seven-year career. With a team like San Antonio who didn’t have a variety of shooters on the roster, they need a guy who can clean the glass for them with also authority to finished and humiliate opponent at the rim. As a team, the Spurs loves to attack the rim than setting themselves on three. They have an option down low with Drummond. Maybe this man was a poor free shooter and limited from the midrange but he’s unstoppable at three feet away from the basketball. Spurs players will not hesitate to take a three if they know that Drummond was there who average five offensive boards per game. Andre Drummond was a huge one on defensive ends. He certainly disrupts shots at the rim with his athleticism and size while having a quick hand to steal the ball.

This Spurs chasing of a big man happens when they move LaMarcus Aldridge and Rudy Gay expiring contracts. These two veterans are likely in demand with the needs of some contending teams. It could open up the Spurs cap with around 38 million which is more than enough to sign Andre Drummond. With the rumors of DeMar DeRozan unhappiness in San Antonio, it could open another 28 million for the franchise. Investing in a guy for 100 million who’s never been injured thru the course of his career was such an outstanding job. The big man is only 27 which means he’s still in his prime. Having a guy who’s been dominant like Drummond, the Spurs can match up well with Denver, Utah, and Lakers in the Western Conference. It also makes sense to go after a proven guy rather than move up on trades and give up assets. On which highly reported that current bigs in the upcoming NBA Draft are still raw and need years to develop.

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