May 17, 2021

The Spurs can get back Davis Bertans this offseason

The San Antonio Spurs traded away fan-favorite Davis Bertans to Washington Wizards for nothing. It’s supposed to give way to the signing of Marcus Morris. But everything gets worst after the asshole back out and chooses the New York Knicks. It was the start of how the Spurs season ruined, the team struggled big time, and worst of all they missed the postseason for the time in 23 years. The team will pay DeMarre Carroll guaranteed money worth 10 million for the next two years. While Davis Bertans had the best season of his career. Likely to get paid this offseason as an unrestricted free agent. Everyone in the league looks for a guy like him who can lights-out from the rainbow.

This offseason, the Spurs can redeem themselves if they can snag him. Davis Bertan’s first family was from San Antonio and he could be willing to play once again. The shooter for Latvia market value around the league is worth 40 million for 3 years. In Washington, he doubled his point production up to 15 points per game while shooting 42% from the arc. His career-high was 32 points after he made 8 from the three, out of 54 games last season Davis Bertans made 13 times from the arc shooting 50% and more. The sharpshooter making headlines every night with his unbelievable touch. The Spurs had enough to sign Bertans which could be very perfect for the team as they likely get over of the low post to start the offense with. The familiarity to play with his former teammates could be a decision making Bertans might consider. With multiple slashers from the Spurs that can attack the lane, it could be a perfect one for DeRozan. The more Bertans is open the high percentage he gets better. A good playmaker as his size could be a huge one.

The Spurs also got an asset to execute a sign and trade if Washington Wizards want something in return. Signing Davis Bertans is not only to correct the past mistake but believing that he can help this time around while the Spurs rebuilding their new empire.

After letting Derrick White was signaled to shoots more from the arc Davis Bertans could do much better. He’s a 6’9″ guy who can play underrated defense while having the best offensive weapon. The Spurs can play him at 3 or 4 while can pick a center in the upcoming NBA draft.

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