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October 27, 2020

The Spurs and Cavaliers could be a perfect partner on the draft night

It was reported that the Cleveland Cavaliers exploring a trade for the rights of their fifth pick this coming NBA Draft. Team owner Dan Gilbert is willing to take a risk either it could help the team long and short-term goals. After LeBron James left the team two years ago, they’re in the lottery and will pick third consecutive in the top ten. They made major changes as they signed Kevin Love for an extension a year ago and got another big Andre Drummond via trade.

On the other hand, the Spurs missed the postseason for the first time in more than two decades. As the team has good young players’ that are projected to be good, it seems like the Spurs are prepared for the future. Still, at the guidance of the great Gregg Popovich, the Spurs will likely recover faster, unlike other franchises.

So if both teams want to make improvements maybe they can be a partner for a trade of the player that they think could be beneficial to both of them.

This could be the picture of a trade that will beneficial to both teams.

Spurs will receive Kevin Love, Larry Nance, the fifth pick of the 2020 NBA Draft, a 2021 first-round pick, and a 2022 second-round pick.

Cavaliers will receive LaMarcus Aldridge, Rudy Gay, Trey Lyles, and the Spurs 11th pick.

For San Antonio, Kevin Love could be a major help that perfects with the Spurs young guys including DeMar DeRozan if chooses to stay in San Antonio. The veteran out of UCLA is a proven machine that generates rebounds. He averaged double-doubles in his career which grabbed 2 offensive rebounds per game. That thing could give more chances to score. Love is a steady shooter from the arc attempted five times per game with almost two makes per tries. The 12-year veteran is a good passer either from the post or outside the paint. Kevin Love also looks for an outlet pass after grabbing a rebound that Spurs guys love to do in transition. A proven veteran that can play smart against athletic guys in the league.

With the Spurs, Kevin Love is still valuable as he can space for any Spurs’ current slasher. It’s fun to watch a guy like DeRozan, White, and Murray had other options when the defense chases them. Although he’s not a good shot blocker, he knows how to defend his man in the post. Spurs can minimize it by putting great defensive stalwart from the perimeter who disrupts the passing lane. With the worth of 92 million committed to Love’s contract for the next three years that could limit the Spurs flexibility financially, the picks are so valuable to give up.

In that pick, the Spurs will select in the top five that they could try to get their guy on their boards. That guy could be Deni Advija that the Spurs are scouting for years. He’s only 19 with a tremendous upside on his game. Deni Advija can score outside, post up, give second-chance points, or transition. He’s a good passer with his size. The European sensation also plays both ends of the courts well. Advija athleticism is an advantage with 3 or 4 positions. He can help the weaknesses of DeRozan. Without Trey Lyles, Advija will take over his minutes.

On the other hand, Larry Nance is good and much cheaper insurance once Jakob Poeltl accepts the other team’s offer. He’s one of the most underrated dunkers in today’s game that know what kind of role he had to do. Also, the Spurs can use him as trade bait for some contenders in the middle of the season.

For Cleveland Cavaliers, pairing LaMarcus Aldridge to Andre Drummond assuming he opt-in or signed and extension could be great even today’s NBA doesn’t fit for the big man. Drummond a great rebounder while Aldridge operates from the midrange. They could make a run in the Eastern Conference for some playoffs spot. Adding Rudy Gay, their own forward Kevin Porter Jr can learn from the veteran as a mentor. Collin Sexton is becoming a good player in the league that leads the team in scoring. Aldridge’s experience could help influence the young squad for long-term success. Trey Lyles is young which still developing projects as the good thing is the Cavs can waive him without paying too much of his guaranteed money.

Mortgaging future picks for an expiry contract that could save the Cavs 114 million bucks for the next three years is a huge win. Plus a box office free agency candidates in the next year offseason could help the team to sign a great one in the market. To be ready financially is not an assurance to sign a franchise player but a huge help if they have real money to sign a certain guy.

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