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October 20, 2020

The Risk of Demar DeRozan Extension


With a player option in his contract, next season the Spurs and Demar DeRozan need to settle this thing up. The front office needs to figure out if the later is still valuable for the team in the future. With his lone season with the franchise, he is the first in history that averaged 20,5,5. Leading the team to a first-round epic battle exit against the Denver Nuggets.

With him on the court, the Spurs net 0.0 points per 100 possession because of his defensive woes. The Spurs are +4 .4 per 100 possession when he sits.

If San Antonio extends DeRozan there will be a log jam in the backcourt in the future. With the promising young guys of Murray, White, Walker IV, and rookie Keldon Johnson. It means it’s difficult for the Spurs to keep them all. Dejounte Murray is eligible for an extension this year. Derrick White next year, Bryn Forbes will be restricted free agent after this season. Lonnie Walker IV also another guard who the Spurs commit him to the future. The Spurs will be running out of the cap.

Extending him this year could limit the Spurs flexibility in free agency. Even the Spurs are not the destination of marquee free agents. It’s difficult for them to not to accept the millions of dollars if the Spurs have it.

Given DeRozan’s age that already 30 years old, he will be on the decline of his career in the late part of his extension. The ceiling on him to improve in unlikely. With the evolution of three points era where he still hasn’t figured out. Then the defense which opponent can score on him any given time.

The front office will be carefully evaluating this situation. Although they like the good guy. The Spurs still need to very patient on his development to improve and continue the winning tradition for the franchise.

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