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October 25, 2020

The Reasons why Gregg Popovich was Upset about the Marcus Morris situation

On Spurs media day, Gregg Popovich talked about what he feels with the Marcus Morris free agency situation. The former is committed to signing with the Spurs. To complete this move they need to trade Davis Bertans. Then the drama started after Morris reneged his contract. He chooses the Knicks for family reasons over San Antonio.

It was a huge loss for the Spurs, first Morris brings toughness for the team. Either he’s starting or coming off the bench. He had that swag the team’s lack of that time. His game was perfect for San Antonio, can score, can space the floor. Marcus Morris can play multiple positions defensively. Having a lot of experience in his career in all of his playoffs battles.


Of course, giving up a young player of Davis Bertans for nothing was something different. The Latvian shooter played an important role off the bench last season. Even he had struggles in a playoff against the Denver Nuggets. Bertans was a guy who improves every year. He is still young just 26 years old that makes the team better when on the court.

Giving San Antonio another dimension on offense. Leading the league in shooting percentage beyond the arc before All-Star game. Then he finished the season converted with 42% of his three. Davis Bertans was the guy who moves without the basketball on his hands. An underrated passer who understands the Spurs system. With his size of 6’10,” it’s hard to find another prospect that is willing to give all his worth.

The Spurs was settled to Trey Lyles a former first-round pick. With the potential to make a good role player to the team.

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