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October 25, 2020

The reason why Tony Parker left the Spurs

The Spurs point guard from 2001-2019 decided to play elsewhere in his last year in the league. Tony Parker has been a member of four championship run of the franchise. He’s the first Finals MVP form Europe in 2007 after sweeping the Cleveland Cavaliers led by LeBron James.

In the surprise of many, Parker signed with the Charlotte Hornets in the summer of 2018. The only reason is to save the Spurs relationship to a former diva and bitch Kawhi Leonard. With media, Stephen Jackson specifically talking about how critical Tony Parker’s interview. The four-time champion said his injury is 100 times worst than Kawhi Leonard. Parker had an injury in 2017 game five of the second round of playoffs against the Houston Rockets. While the bitch just played nine games in the 2018 season with a quad injury. The Spurs doctor cleared him to play, but he insisted he’s not ready.

The heroic of Tony Parker didn’t save the relationship, his uncle found their way out as they force the Spurs to settle for trade even Gregg Popovich came out prior to the NBA draft to save something. There’s nothing wrong to call for teammates support when you play in a playoff game. Imagine playing the Golden State Warriors in the first round with healthy Kawhi Leonard?

The Wee Frenchman didn’t demand anything special in his career. Parker has never been rumored to change his team or a big market for his personality as a singer. The reason he said that he wants to compete in the NBA that’s why he changes his team. The San Antonio Spurs is much better than the Hornets who still had Kemba Walker at that time. Parker thought if he will out of San Antonio, Leonard will change his mind.

After his injury and the Spurs drafted Dejounte Murray in 2016 his time is coming. Parker’s replacement is already on the bench. Tony Parker sacrifices himself at the end of his career. Kawhi Leonard being a diva put the Spurs future on hold. But the Spurs are Spurs, they are multiple steps ahead on their rebuilding process.

Been awkward to look at your legend wearing a different uniform but that sacrifice is one of the many that legend did for the San Antonio Spurs.

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