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October 30, 2020

The real reason why Shaquille O’Neal “cut” Tim Duncan

In a game of start, bench and cut Shaq will choose Allen Iverson and Chris Webber over the five-time champion Tim Duncan.

There is only one reason why Shaq does this, Spurs Duncan’s kick his ass. Timmy much a better person and player, he doesn’t need a big market or another top five players to win a championship. Duncan a two time MVP compared to Shaq one. People around the world praising Duncan in every way. The Spurs big man didn’t have an argument to his teammates or coaches, unlike Shaq that got a feud with Kobe.

Shaquille O’Neal can easily beat Allen Iverson. While against Chris Webber, the referee can help them.

The Spurs swept Shaq Laker’s team on their way to the 1999 championship. The Lakers just need Duncan to sit out in the playoffs and injured his knee to win. But Duncan finds a way to destroy the Lakers dynasty. Shaw becomes a journeyman after winning a title with the Miami Heat while Duncan remains a force in San Antonio.

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