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October 27, 2020

The Offseason goes right for the Spurs after Marcus Morris incident

Gregg Popovich disappointed with the situation of Marcus Morris’s last offseason. He feels betrayed, the forward and Spurs had a mutual agreement for a deal. Until Morris change his mind and chooses the Knicks over Spurs for family reasons. They gave up Davis Bertans the Spurs long-range shooter for nothing.

The Knicks had their first preseason game against the Wizards. With Marcus Morris had the ball he intentionally hit Justin Anderson in the face. Morris was ejected in the game. According to him, he let people know that the Knicks are tough. He just set the toughness on the team that was a lack to them in recent years.

While the Spurs looks like a loser three months ago in free agency. It seems that fate was on their side this time. The team doesn’t need that kind of attitude. It’s not toughness it’s being a coward that if can’t outwork his man will use unnecessarily act. Spurs’ principles are to respect each opponent up to the next level. Play a game with a lot of passion without hurting people. The talent of Morris can help his team win games. But his antics will also be a liability and create a lack of camaraderie with teammates. The Spurs are winning without a drama or being a diva, they don’t call out the officiating when losing. That’s why they are not the media darling. They don’t hype despite winning in the last two decades. The media loves drama, antics, and teammates talking against each other. Can you remember Kevin Durant and Draymond Green heated exchanges. Russel Westbrook and Durant little feud that was how media loves it. They made fabricated stories behind it.

Marcus Morris Sr had a history of arguing leads to a heated exchange to his coach and teammates in Phoenix Suns. For San Antonio, it’s a consolation for them after losing Davis Bertans. To know Morris is more than a headache than to be a contributor. Spurs always prefer to character over talent, and Morris doesn’t have the first one.

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