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October 24, 2020

The Next Big Three in the Making

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National TV likes ESPN NBA, NBA TV and other big networks label players who can put big buckets but can play defense to be the next future of the league. They impress people with the step-back three, alley opp dunk, put consecutive buckets. When you can score 70,60, 50 or 40 points games then you will be their guy even your team losing. Basketball highlights can give their network ratings.

While the San Antonio Spurs young guys don’t make the flash on their eyes. They don’t take a lot of shot from the arc which fans having fun with it. But they played good basketball, had the potential to be an All-Star in the coming years. Showed it up in the playoffs. They worked hard on both ends of the court.

The trio of Dejounte Murray, Derrick White and Lonnie Walker IV showing how good they are.

First Dejounte who returns from injury is working for his jumper. The youngest member of the all-defense team provides a little proof in the preseason games that he can handle his thing.

Against the best of James Harden and Russell Westbrook, he put the MVP in basketball clinic how to play both sides of the game. Prior to that Murray was fantastic against the tank Zion Williamson on the rim. It was a statement that he is ready in any big game when Popovich needed him to stop the best offensive man on the court.

Offensively, Murray isn’t a 25 and 10 guy on a nightly basis but he had his moments to be among the best point guard using his athleticism and speed. This is how they made Tony Parker a raw kid from Paris. A kid who doesn’t have an outside shot or length. They just programmed him to work on his shot. In his years with the Spurs, he helps the team win four more titles. Dejounte on his way to be like Tony Parker although there’s a little pressure because they had no Duncan to pass the ball in the post. The good thing is they had the guys who are on the same bracket of his age when they enter their prime.

Second, Derrick White who comes up big on DJs place last season was on fire in the playoffs. He shows how he can take advantage of his man. He comes up big time when they need him. Add his World Cup experienced could add another motivation. It seems like Pop will give him more minutes this time. Among the three Derrick White already had an advantage when they almost upset the Nuggets. He was an underrated defender of his size. His offense was almost their just making it consistently would make others contain him.

Lastly, Lonnie Walker IV introducing himself to the coaching staff. Working his butt to earn minutes this season. Offensively, he needs to be a consistent contributor to let his team get a better chance to win. With these three mentioned he had the ceiling to be the greatest. His midrange is perfect like DeRozan, his stroke from the three almost ready. Attacking the lane is fun to watch. Walker an underrated passer which put his teammates in a better position to score.
Defensively, he can lock up his man that he shows in a single play with James Harden. It’s not the hype but it was already on his potential.

That’s why the Spurs keep on working to draft young players to fit with these guys in the coming years.

The next big three don’t light up within 30 feet from the rim. They will not score consecutive 30 points games like Harden or a triple-double like Russell Westbrook. But they play as a team to achieve the goal. It’s scary that they can be a top 10 two way players if they continue to strive out. Being healthy is one of the keys to be on top of these three. Playing in playoffs will fuel them individually to take the Spurs to the next level.

It’s too early to label them as the big three like Duncan, Manu, and Tony but they are coming. They had a captain from the ship named Popovich who working on it.

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