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October 26, 2020

The most surprising Spur

The Spurs went 5-3 trough eight games which they are ahead in teams that ranks higher than them before the season started. There are four teams behind them which people think they’re better than San Antonio. Although we are only less than ten games we witness the struggle of other teams. The Sacramento Kings who can’t win despite improved there roster, the Golden State Warriors and New Orleans Pelicans which had a lot of injuries and the Portland Trail Blazers.

While the Spurs had different players who played better to help the Spurs win. These guys were the most surprising so far for San Antonio.

Trey Lyles

The Spur’s second choice after Marcus Morris Sr drama started all games for Spurs this season. He had two games that grab double figures in rebounds with 14 against the Warriors and 12 over Atlanta. Popovich entrusts him to help LaMarcus Aldridge inside which he spaces more to give the All-Star big man the freedom to do much better on the court. Offensively he is getting better as he scored 6.7 points in the last three games. Trey Lyles makes better things on the court when he attacked the closed out and drops a pass to Aldridge for a bucket. His shot from the arc went falling in the last two games that he converted three of his four attempts. He needs to aggressively fight for rebounds to keep his job safe. Lyles had 2 offensive rebounds per game is his best since he entered the league.

Patty Mills

The Australian guard is one of the Spurs soul, Mills scored four times in double figures in his eight appearances. He torched the Warriors defense on his way to season-high 31 points. The shooting of three is most efficient so far as half of his attempts went in. He is fearless, he isn’t afraid to take over even he gets insulted by Trae Young in their game against the Atlanta Hawks. Patty Mills will continue to provide the spark that the team needs from him to get better.

Bryn Forbes

The undrafted guard continues to make his story getting better every time he steps on the floor. Forbes is the third leading scorer for San Antonio Spurs with 14.5 points. He scored in double figures in all but one game with eight games they played. He put a good character of effort on defense despite one of his weaknesses. The opponent can score on him if they post on him but he never backs down, it’s not an easy two. The Spurs rely on him when veterans had bad games. Forbes also third in played minutes behind Aldridge and DeRozan, and Spurs best free throw shooter. There is no hesitation in him when he takes three most from any Spur. From spot-up shooter to a creator for himself, Forbes giving back the trust that the Spurs coaching staff gives to him.

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