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October 27, 2020

The Man who stops the Real Dynasty

In 1990’s the Chicago Bulls had six titles with two three peat. They led by Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. This team was never beat as Jordan retired for the second time and Pippen demanded a trade. Bulls looks unbeatable and nobody can figure it out, even the Utah Jazz loss in 1997 and 1998.

From 2015 the Golden State Warriors, represents the West in NBA Finals and they win three of the four. People laughed with Charles Barkley that he didn’t like the Warriors team. Again this is not a hate, but i don’t see the Dubs a dynasty. They win in 2015 in which LeBron James other guys. Kyrie Irving played one game in the NBA Finals and Kevin Love was out since the second round.

The Warriors blew the 3-1 lead in 2016 and comeback with Kevin Durant in 2017 to secured two more titles. Then intentionally injured Spurs best player in West Finals on the way to the Finals. Then in 2018, Chris Paul was out for the next two games where the Rockets a game away to dethrone the champion. The Warriors win in the next two before they swept James Cavaliers.

On early 2000, the Lakers doing fantastic. They look unbeatable and dominating opponents. With Shaq and Kobe leading the show, being healthy and on their prime with good supporting cast.

In 2003, they are bidding for their four straight title. But their is one man, the back to back MVP’s Tim Duncan outplayed the Lakers. Only one game was the closest, the Game Five which Robert Horry shot rattles out of the rim. Tim Duncan and the Spurs went to the Finals and claim second title in five years. Duncan to battle with Shaq in the paint.

The Los Angeles Lakers was a real dynasty. With toughness and poise in every game. Then stoped by Duncan who’s his team was also outclassed by the Lakers previously.

After this beating, the Lakers duo had some feud. Later on, Shaq been traded to Miami Heat. While the Lakers missed the playoffs and ruined Kobe Bryant prime years.

Duncan and the Spurs starts to make their own dynasty. Consecutive playoffs and 50+ wins and add three more thropy to the city.

It was a real dynasty back in the years, they keep their key players. Main guys don’t had big mouth, they don’t need other supertars. Unlike this Warriors, who don’t had any toughness. Sorry for the fans but your title had a little bit of luck from injuries that later on, they will also taste by itself.

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