May 17, 2021

The idea of Spurs getting the top pick overall

It was reported that Minnesota Timberwolves are looking to trade their top pick for a player that can help their franchise win right away. As the team just reaches the playoff once since Kevin Garnett’s era. They had two All-Star guys to start with Karl Anthony Towns and D’ Angelo Russell. The Wolves are a piece away to become competitive in the Western Conference. Minnesota has recorded one playoff win since 2004 so looking for a guy who could help right away makes sense.

Enter the Spurs who got some pieces to make a deal with the Timberwolves to get the top pick. They need youth movement to help build great guys to their current roster. So how does the deal look for both teams?

Spurs receive the top pick overall, James Johnson ( to pick up his player option), Josh Okogie, and 2021 second-round pick.

Timberwolves receive DeMar DeRozan via sign and trade, 11th pick, and Spurs 2022 first-round pick.

It could be great for the Wolves to improve their competitive aspects with DeRozan teaming up with Towns and Russell. These three could be a perfect fit for each other. DeMar DeRozan expanded his game to be a great playmaker that could move sometimes D’ Angelo Russell to be a scorer. Giving a team three great scorers is fun to watch. They can attack the defense either from the post with Towns, the lane with DeRozan and Russell is deadly from the arc. The leadership of DeRozan will be a bigger help for the maturity of the team. There’s no problem in scoring as all of them can average more than 20 per game. Adding a talent like DeRozan also helps Karl Anthony Towns to settle down on his decision making. With the league pressure player to win now by forming superteams, Towns could be easy if they start winning games. Although defense could be the real weakness, Wolves can address the needs on the 11th pick they got from the Spurs. With the said squad a top six teams in the West could be likely. Plus the kicker of the trade with the future pick will be a huge reward especially when the Spurs miss the playoffs in two more years. The Wolves can find cheap 3 and D in the free agency market that can help lock the perimeter while these three giving them buckets.

While for San Antonio Spurs the main priority is to continue building with the current roster which is very young but shown potentials. The Spurs have multiple guys who can be a great two-way player in the league someday. Derrick White, Dejounte Murray, Lonnie Walker, and Keldon Johnson is fun to watch. These guys hustle differently despite ups and downs in their games. They are the best guys to invest for long-term success. With the lust to have a top pick was a huge win no matter how much you give up. James Wiseman is an intriguing prospect after played 3 college games in his career. The big man was likened to be like David Robinson one of the Spurs great legends. He’s a beast on both ends of the court that can dominate his man. At a very young age, Spurs is perfect for his talent. As the Spurs becomes the NBA model of success, it will be the safest bet that whoever they get as a top pick will be a great player someday. With the league prioritize shooting than playing in the paint, Wiseman is different cause he knows what to do inside. The recent success of Bam Adebayo is a huge testament that bigs impact creates more havoc.

While giving up DeMar DeRozan the Spurs also free up their future salary cap which can help them land a great player from free agency next season.

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