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October 24, 2020

The consistent offense from the young guys is what the Spurs need to improve not trades

The San Antonio Spurs is the worst team when playing in the final quarter. They gave up too many leads, most of the time they lose. The Spurs are much better than the standing showing. They competed fairly well to the much stronger teams in the league. Those losses were decided only with the minutes remaining in the game.

DeMar DeRozan steps up into his game consistently. No forcing of shots and turning the ball too much. DeRozan put his guys into a position to contribute offensively. The guard who played into a position which he never did for his first nine years in the league. Playing on another level is something you can truly grateful for.

LaMarcus Aldridge just did his things. Level up offensively marks his long-range bomb. He did this consistently since December. The big man knows what’s the importance of spacing. When they had limited on that part of the court, Aldridge made this. That’s a leadership showing to his young guys that they can do better.

Patty Mills has been doing his things since the start of the season. Long-range and spark off the bench. Provide leadership, clutch, and discipline. Same with Rudy Gay who fights for the boards when the shot isn’t falling.

These young guys had always great potential. But they never fully accountable. They didn’t show consistency on their offense which is a key to winning games. Yes, they’re excellent defensively as they can get a vote on an all-defense team. The last game they had, they showed not bad but worst from the worst. Derrick White didn’t look for his shot, scored nothing in 22 minutes. He should be the first guy who needs to do everything coming from the bench. But this season he seems to lose a place offensively. He can’t have consistency in his game. The Spurs not expecting him to score 20 per game but good enough to be aggressive to help veterans in scoring.

Same with Dejounte Murray even he’s shot isn’t perfect he needs to look for his points. He’s long and athletic so he’ss good near the rim which he had an advantage. Murray needs to work for it, not be contented in being a spot-up shooter. Work for his midrange and the Spurs had a lot of options offensively.

Also, Bryn Forbes, if his shot isn’t falling then the Spurs giving up too many points. He’s value on the court is zero. More than 20 minutes of basketball and score 2 points is worst to think.

The Spurs had a lot of good guys to compete with. But these young guys need to be sophisticated every minute they step on the floor. They had the best coach in the league, two former all-star who’s balling for them and veterans off the bench. Trade is an option but not an answer. This is the moment they need to get better playing on the next level for the young guys. If they want Spurs to have a better future it should start on them right now.

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