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October 25, 2020

The Case of Manu Ginobili as the Best Sixth Man

Playing off the bench takes some egos. Especially if they are playing like a starter. There are no other guys can swallow these pills. Manu Ginobili did this without asking why. Even it will take sacrifice his numbers or maybe cost him financially.

We had James Harden, Lou Williams, Eric Gordon and Jamaal Crawford who won the award together with Ginobili. Harden was a super-sub in 2012 that helps the Thunder reached the Finals. Williams and Crawford won three times with both in Clippers and as a Hawk. Williams wins also with the Raptors. Ginobili in 2008 and Gordon in 2017 both reached the West Finals.

Ginobili as a sixth man he is an All NBA reached the Finals twice and win in 2014. The Spurs won that year with Manu still leading the bench. His numbers just need to secure the title. Where in 2013 he played his worst game in-game five of the finals.

Half of his playing career was coming off the bench. Still, consider the best guy on his team. Unlike the others who just put numbers on the regular season. James Harden enjoying his career when got traded to the Rockets.

Try to imagine what kind of numbers will Manu put if he had the usage like others from the list. He can put 20 points per game if he wants. The success that he achieved was amazing. They win every season consistently.

This is what Manu did on his career than another sixth man. He wins more than the numbers.

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