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October 24, 2020

The Case of Manu Ginobili as the best second round pick

Nobody believe with Manu that he can put his sneakers in NBA. Even Tim Duncan doubt him what he can bring to the franchise. When Ginobili played in 2003 for the Spurs after selecting 57th in 1999. He helped the team secured their second title in five years.

There is a lot of notable names in the basketball from previous eras or current that drafted in second round. Dennis Rodman was one of them a five time champion, defensive player of the year and best rebounder. Then Draymond Green, the most annoying and dirtiest in this era.

Now NBA had likes of Marc Gasol an All Star and DPOY, Lou Williams that forever will be a sixth man winner. Isaiah Thomas an All Star back in Boston uniform, Nikola Jokic the best big man in this era of basketball and Gilbert Arenas who was put the Wizard in the map after Michael Jordan tragedy for drafting Kwame Brown.

Dennis Rodman had a decent career, playing with the legend Isiah Thomas and Michael Jordan. He also played with the Spurs David Robinson but traded to the Bulls by Popovich to help Jordan made another three peat. Rodman was great defensively with Karl Malone in the Finals, but Rodman don’t had a good credential outside of this. Manu win for his country Argentina in 2004 and other competition.

Gilbert Arenas entertaining the Wizard every night and making clutch shot but didn’t win a playoff series. Ginobili a good locker room guy according to his teammates, a good leader and most of all he don’t had a gun.

Marc Gasol led the Memphis Grizzlies as a playoff team early on his career. They even reach the conference finals in 2013 until got swept by the Spurs. Gasol a Defensive player of the year and an All Star for Grizzlies. He had a great career and got traded to the Raptors that played for the Finals. His success isn’t yet in the level of Manu Ginobili. Never miss a playoffs and 50 win in every season.

Nikola Jokic making his case as the best steal, but we can’t give a complete grade as he just played his first playoff games this year.

Lou Williams a good scorer but it’s an insult for Ginobili if we need to compare the two.

The former Defensive player Draymond Green, reach to the finals five straight years and won already three. No insult to the Warriors they are great team, but the last time they played a healthy team they a 3-1 lead. Then the next year they crippled the competition by signing the softest best player of the game. The last time Green match up with the same of his size scoring 30 points and 10 assists per game. They will say Green was a beast defensively but I doubt it, the guy he defending was a point guard who he take advantage of his size.

Isaiah Thomas doing great in Boston Celtics until he got injured and never came back to his old form. I think he should find another job in a law firm, a finance adviser or maybe an NJ auto insurance agent. Thomas a cheerleader in Denver and never played a single minute last playoff. Yes Ginobili hurt in his career, he had a broken nose a broken elbow and he was out of the playoffs in 2009. But his game didn’t change even at his old days. Manu impacted the game.

Ginobili has been pass 56 times in 1999, and a broken foot in 2003 limit his contribution. With the Spurs give him a time to be fully healed, they won that year.

He is underrated on his career, as he is an all star twice and selected in third team once. The euro step that credited to him his main weapon, his crazy stuff that even Pop had no choice but to stay with him help the Spurs to win. The case that he won in every level of the game. From Italy, Europe, USA and his town Argentina. This is what made him special and maybe the most famous Spurs of all time.

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