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October 22, 2020

The Bad Spurs team likely to get their rewards when the season resume

After two decades of winning records, the Spurs having the worst campaign this season prior to the pandemic outbreak. With a 3-0 start, they went 24-36 on the next 60 games. One of the reason is injury and bad rotation.

The league wants to continue and finish the season in July that will be held at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Executives got some options on how they should back. There are rumors that they’re reconsidering a World Cup like format. While others want to start the playoffs race between the bubble teams from 9-12.

The NBA is planning to start the playoffs against the Blazers, Kings, Pelicans, and Spurs in the West as same in the Eastern Conference. These four teams got a shot into the final spot that Memphis Grizzlies holding a 3.5 games lead. The other one that the league considering is a group stage the top 20 teams.

If one of these options could be considered the Spurs is likely to be one of the biggest winners. They can break the playoff record of 22 playoff season appearances by the Philadelphia Sixers from 1950-1971. They made all in the playoffs with Tim Duncan in Spurs uniform with a 19 season and 80 of 50+ wins. With a healthy roster, the Spurs can make an upset if the group stage will be chosen. San Antonio is doing well lately as Lonnie Walker IV and Jakob Poeltl with LaMarcus Aldridge are fully healthy. Keldon Johnson gets some minutes that could be a boost to his team. While Dejounte Murray taking over when the team needs it. Then Popovich will get the best rotation every game.

The other reason why the Spurs are the winner is they are likely to get a good prospect. With the 12 best in the West, Spurs projected to get the 11th pick of the NBA Draft if they fail to win the crown. The earliest after selected Tim Duncan first overall in 1997. Even the scouts said this is the weakest draft only the Spurs can find a perfect talent that can help them in the future. The history already proved that Spurs did it every year.

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