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October 30, 2020

The 2020 NBA Draft: San Antonio Spurs select

The NBA Draft has been postponed due to the pandemic COVID 19. With the Spurs likely to get a pick from lottery since Tim Duncan, this could be the best chance for the franchise to keep on improving. Projected to select at 11th the Spurs need an athletic big or a small forward. In small forward, DeMar DeRozan playing the position as a starter. Which made the team is on the bottom 10 as the league-worst in defense. Only Keldon Johnson is the real small forward for the Spurs but needs some time for his development. The team already had plenty of guards that need minutes.

Among prospects, Deni Advija from Israel is one of the top picks. Likely to get in the top five and like of the Cleveland Cavaliers or Minnesota Timberwolves interested to pick him. But there is another low profile target that projected to be elected outside of the top 10. Devin Vassell from Florida State is one of the targets that the Spurs should look at.

According to some scouting reports, his jump shot release is in a perfect form which is very hard to block by a defender. The kid made a 7 of 7 from the arc in a game this season. A good option in a dribble pulls up and moving well without the ball. Another good thing about Vassell is he’s willing to move the ball for much more quality shot. The Spurs doesn’t have a good three-point shooter except for Marco Belinelli and Bryn Forbes which is bad defensively. He can give the spacing for both guards that DeRozan can’t. Opening from the paint if someone can shoot better outside.

The weakness of Devin Vassell is dribbling and attacking the lane but with point guard to share with him on the court, it will be alright. He also doesn’t have a post and face-up game. But his excellent on defense is the reason the Spurs want to get him. A must likely selection which is fit to Dejounte Murray and Derrick White. The defense is instinct by a player on how he can limit the productivity of opponents. In tight game situations that player valued very well.

Devin Vassell isn’t a player who can change the trajectory of the franchise. He’s only a guy who can help the team better as his age fits the Spurs roster. They need a guy who’s willing to take a shot from the arc while giving great defensive play every second on the court.

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