September 27, 2021

Franchise build their team that superstars. Until they become a contender and a household name. Teams paid them huge money to keep them in the building. The front office doing everything to keep them satisfied. But there are superstars who underachiever after their breakout season. Maybe because of injuries, lack of work ethic and many factors that made them a journeyman.

Players who are still now in the NBA but their career was played on a different franchise. Here are they that we taught will stay on one franchise.

Vince Carter

It’s truly amazing what kind of longevity he had in his career. He is the only player who will play in four different decades. Carter was a fan favorite in Toronto for his dunks and he led the team in many playoff battles. They are a shot away to the Finals in 2001. Looks like they can build with him and makes the Raptors a contender for the rest of his career. Until Carter demanded a trade. First, he made a name as a Net in New Jersey. Then joined the Magic, Suns, Mavs, Grizzlies, Kings and the Hawks.

Carmelo Anthony

A young superstar who helps the Nuggets reach the West Finals in 2010. Until he wants stardom and wants to be in a big market in New York. He played most of his career as a Knick. Then when the three-point shot evolution developed. His midrange and one on one games look like out of dates. He was traded to the Thunder and after a season to the Hawks and got waived. He played few games with the Rockets and now still unemployed.

Dwight Howard

Two seasons after losing to the Finals he was traded. Howard a Defensive Player of the Year for three straight years with the Magic. With the feud with his coach, he went to the Lakers. Things didn’t work out with Kobe and him. The next summer he played with the Rockets. Howard and Harden again a failure. So, the big man sign with the Hawks. Traded to the Hornets, again to the Wizard and finally to the Memphis. Now he signed with the Lakers a none guaranteed contract.

Derrick Rose

The youngest MVP that suffer a devastating injury in 2011 playoffs. Fans expecting him to be a savior after Michael Jordan retirement tow decades ago. But Rose never back to his potential after the meltdown. He was traded to the Knicks, then sign with the Cavs. Again traded to the Wolves and made a little come back last season. Last free agency he was signed with the Pistons.

Honorable mention of Chris Paul who will be likely getting waive by the Thunder. The team not planning to compete now and taking a lot of picks in return.

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