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October 25, 2020

Steps for Warriors to be a contender next season

The best franchise of the decade suddenly becomes the worst team in the league. A three-time champion and five straight finals appearance representing the Western Conference. Golden Gate Warriors had the unanimous MVP with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson one of the best shooting guards in the league. A perennial defensive player of the year Draymond Green. When Kevin Durant signed elsewhere and Klay Thompson injured in the finals. They start the season badly, made them worse when Stephen Curry injured.

Warriors are the worst now and likely to miss the playoffs for the first time since 2013. But they had a chance to be great again by next year.

The first thing they should do is to shut down the Splash Brothers for the whole season. It can make them healthy for the next season. The two of them can give the Warriors the run to be a contender again. They should learn how they manage the injury of Kevin Durant. Forcing somebody’s body to play who yet to fully recovered will ruin their game.

Without these two on the game, it means they will lose more games. Again their chance to be in the lottery which they already figure out through the years. They get Stephen Curry in 2009 as the number nine overall. Klay Thompson as 11th pick in 2011 and Draymond Green in the second round. They also found a bunch of role players in the late first round with Kevon Looney and Jordan Bell. Golden State can really find top talent in the first ten selections. Most of it they can select from the top five or win the lottery.

Trading D’Angelo Russell will be a good thing for the Golden State. It’s a lot of flexibility financially left on the table if he will be traded to a contender. Whatever the exchange is, picks or bunch of role players it’s a win for the Warriors. They need depth behind their own Big Three as what they did in 2014-2016. They didn’t have for the last three years as they committed to Kevin Durant financially.

They can find quality role players in free agency if they had enough to pay. Now they are the worst front office paying the luxury tax being the worst franchise in the league this season.

The Dubs proved they can run the league with the core in 2016. They smashed the Chicago Bulls record in 1996 at 73-9. One game away to win the title with a 3-1 lead until LeBron James and company completed a miraculous come back. The fate of their own destiny is still on the front office hands. The answer to question if they can dominate the league again is very plain and simple. Stephen Curry and company are still young compared to the teams in the West. Most of all they are proven champions and winners.

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