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October 22, 2020

Stephen Jackson preferred Kobe over Duncan to build a team

Every organization needs a great guy to start with. To compete for the long term success you need to build a piece that can be fitted to a group. It’s hard to imagine that a one-man show can put his team into glory.

Former Spurs Stephen Jackson who wins in 2003 championship picked the late Kobe Bryant over Tim Duncan to start a championship team. As a guest in Bill Simmons’s podcast, he explains his part why he chooses the other one.

“I would go with Kobe (Bryant). I wouldn’t go with Tim Duncan,” Jackson said. “I want somebody with Kobe’s attitude and his approach to lead my team. Tim wasn’t really too outspoken and Pop (Gregg Popovich) had to do a lot of that. I had to do a lot of that when I was there. I had to be the protector and the guy to get in guys’ faces.”

“With Kobe, he’s going to give you everything you need in one body to lead a team to a championship. Pop had to put certain different personalities and different aspects around Tim Duncan for that organization to be what it is.”

The two Hall of Famers won the title five times each in one team. They face each other most of the time to claim the top. Tim Duncan is more of a quiet leader that made his teammates better every second. The Spurs legend humbly accept Popovich tirade to be a model for his guys. There’s no “I” in Tim’s game after a win, he always praised those guys who help the team wins.

Even Tim Duncan yet to play a single second in the NBA people knows how great he is. While Kobe Bryant is such a Robin in their first title run in which the Spurs already win first.

Maybe you can understand Stephen Jackson’s bitterness as the Spurs refused to pay him after 2003 season then got cut before the playoffs started ten years later after joining the San Antonio Spurs for the second time in 2012.

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