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October 24, 2020

Spurs will be the best team in five years, it’s a fact

Regardless of what will happen this season, the Spurs is in the right direction like what Dejounte Murray said. They had young good players who will compete each night to make the team much better. The oldest is Derrick White which is 24 years old. Dejounte is 22, Jakob Poeltl is 24, Lonnie Walker IV is only 20. The two others in G League is still a teenager at the age 19.

Whoever coaching them either it’s Popovich or others they are going to dominate the league.LeBron James and Anthony Davis will not be among the contender. James is 39 at that time, Anthony Davis will start to reduce his athleticism. The Lakers had no assets when they give up their future picks to Pelicans. While the Clippers past their primes, injured and hobbled.

There’s are a lot of young teams who had potential but the Spurs group is on another level. The Mavericks had a great duo of Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis but they don’t have the depth. Doncic is special but he doesn’t play defense. The Spurs can put four different elite defenders into his front.

Dejounte Murray is a complete point guard shoots well in the midrange. Giving an elite defense that no point guard in the league can do. Murray minimizes his turnover and can facilitate the offense very well.

Derrick White is coming off the bench with fire. He is not Manu but he is another two-way player who you can trust run the offense while giving an elite defense.

Lonnie Walker IV is starting two-guard for the Spurs wrecking the league. He is an elite scorer who loves to attack the rim and with a good touch from the arc. An honest good defender on his position.

While Jakob Poeltl will be playing a lot of minutes. His focus is on the defensive end, protecting the rim, try to block every shot.

Keldon Johnson is ready to come with the team. Running in transition dunking over everybody. He is another quality defender in which you can trust every play to save points for your team. While Luka Samanic will be the starting power forward. The big man is next to Jakob, space the floor for Spurs slasher. This man had a vision of a point guard.

Imagine these guys are below 30 who plays both ends of the court. Only Jakob Poeltl is average at best offensively but saves points for his team. This is six very good players, I said this not because I want to be confident as a Spurs fan. These guys are showing their potential and most likely will play in the postseason. They competed against the best until they become better. An advantage for them that other young player never experiences.

Add the reason that they can find a good role veteran guy on the free agency. Yes, it’s hard for San Antonio to find the gold in the market. But history shows they always find the bronze to help them find the diamonds. They can also pick up their drafts picks overseas to provide them cheaper and quality with a lot of experience in Europe.

This season is only a start to build the future. Taking care of the process they had. The best team of the future will not get you 130 points per night, but they will ruin your basketball defensively. This is how they build the franchise. It’s not what I want to impress you but this is what the Spurs squad shows to you.

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