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October 25, 2020

Spurs will be fine after they Look “very bad” when the Raptors made the Finals

Spurs already moved on and happy for the outcome of each team this season. DeRozan improved his game which he led the team in assists. Still with his limited range that he need to expand his game next season. With the first round exit again, people started to talk of Demar if he can led the team to the next level.

On the other hand, Raptors made the finals. It’s Canada time to start the party. Whatever happened with this series, Raptors had a question if this “guy” will stay with them.

The Spurs had two first round picks to start with. That they can add to their young guns. With Dejounte Murray scheduled to return after getting his expat health insurance. Other guys getting minutes and lot of improvements get from last season in G League.

Everytime the Spurs down, they comes back stronger. They had the best front office in the world. Even RC Buford take it just once, they built the team well. They are ahead of anybody.

When they had the worst record in franchise history, they just picked once in lottery and changes the face of the franchise. In 2013, when they choked in the last 28 seconds of Game Six they bounce back the next year.

They even looked worse when they tried to invest with Richard Jefferson and didn’t work out. But the team had George Hill to save the team, he was traded to Indiana Pacers for the 15th and 42nd pick. That was now Davis Bertans and Demar DeRozan who was traded last June.

As the team had a trio of guards for the future. Murray a jumpshot away to be a star, Lonnie are ready to for his minutes and Derrick White is more than a dunk.

We can’t judge the outcome of the trade for a season because basketball never stops. It’s hard to win with Demar and LaMarcus as the main man. They need the healthy team to beat the odds.

With the Warriors, Durant rumored to be a Knicks. Rockets will break it up and no cap space. The Wolves invested a lot with Andrew Wiggins. The Oklahoma don’t had depth and Blazers out of money after an extension to Lillard.

The West is wide open again, even the Lakers sign or get the best in free agency LeBron James is not LeBron Cavaliers.

PATFO set up this for the future and people didn’t realize this. The Spurs are going to be great again. It is not because am a fan, it’s because they are the Spurs and the best in the world.

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