May 17, 2021

Spurs will address their needs by sending DeRozan to Orlando

The San Antonio Spurs didn’t have the luxury of great frontcourt players outside of LaMarcus Aldridge and Jakob Poeltl. The former All-Star is in the final year of his contract in which he clearly stated that he loves to back in Portland before calling it a career. While the impending free agency of Jakob Poeltl can draw more suitors which could give him a chance to get paid and a more great role elsewhere could make him leave the city of San Antonio. On the other hand, the Orlando Magic needs a scorer to compliment Nikola Vucevic as Evan Fournier has a player option and him likely to opt-out. Paying him too much could be risky for Magic’s future flexibility. They already rumored with DeRozan a few games after the season starts in October. Both teams can agree on their needs if they can push a deal.

The trade could be like this.

Orlando gets DeMar DeRozan via sign and trade.

Spurs get Aaron Gordon, Mo Bamba, and Khem Birch.

The Orlando Magic will get the best of DeMar DeRozan’s remaining prime years which he can compliment Nikola Vucevic. They could be a great team that can either push themselves into a four to eight seed. The team can boost the scoring needs as it ranks 24th in the league last season. With DeRozan had a good shooter like Terrence Ross, the latter can be open most of the time. While Vucevic will not carry the team by himself alone as he posts up for most of the time. With DeRozan as a playmaker, the big man could either wait in a pick and pop or an easy layup after DeRozan attract Vucevic defender. The team also has the luxury of a big playmaker.

For San Antonio Spurs, Aaron Gordon is still young and the best of himself yet to come. In San Antonio, they have the best staff to do what is right for such a gifted player like Gordon. A good scorer but need to have more disciplined on his shot selection. In Spurs, Gordon can play more transition games which he loves. The kid is just 25 years old which means a lot of basketball left in him. Gordon’s defense is still in the works but he’s not bad either. With a great coach Gregg Popovich, he will likely play his ass hard just to help his team defensively by using his athleticism. A big man that can shoot from the arc, with works with Chip England the best dinner in the world could improved his touch.

While having Mo Bamba a former lottery could be a great project. The sixth pick of the 2018 NBA Draft had 109 games on his belt but only got one starts. The center was limited in minutes at 15 per game due to health concerns. In San Antonio, they’re not pushing their guys when not ready. They will wait until you’ll be fit. Mo Bamba can be more than be on average if free of injury. His block shot rates are such a high percentage on very limited minutes. He can be a long term answer in frontcourt needs. The G League is always ready to push himself. It could give the Spurs another option to address their needs to draft a wing that van shoots efficiently.

The Magic is pushing themselves to win as much as they can with their current roster. While the Spurs is still a project team that it’s tough to make the playoff in the West so investing in young and raw talent is the best thing they should do.

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