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October 23, 2020

Spurs were lucky to have Duncan as a Superstar not like with the soft diva Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant speaks about the reason why he leaves Oklahoma City Thunder. He said he’s tired of being the best player on a team that can’t play good basketball. Choosing Warriors is the right choice for him at that time. They win two titles and Kevin Durant and had 2 finals MVP. It looks like how bad when your teammate feels taking jab to others.

The Spurs were lucky to have Tim Duncan a quiet superstar. He didn’t request for any teammates when they had an old and injured guy. The old Avery Johnson, old David Robinson, injured and with one kidney after the transplant Sean Elliot. Tim Duncan still chooses San Antonio who offers only river rather than Orlando which giving all everything they can. Even the Spurs waste most of Duncan’s prime. The superstar quietly accepts the fact that he will play with a 19-year-old teenager from France as his point guard, then with Manu Ginobili who’s been shaking on his NBA debut. The Spurs can’t add but a couple of oldies on free agency. Their starting small forward isn’t gifted offensively as Bruce Bowen used the corner three to be effective on his role.

While Kevin Durant had everything, Russel Westbrook an elite point guard that fits into today’s NBA. A super sixth man James Harden, a good athletic big man Serge Ibaka. Best role players Thunder have liked Dion Waiters, Enes Kanter, and Reggie Jackson. Even without Harden, Durant surrounded by good guys and having a 3-1 lead in Western Conference finals before blowing it out.

Nowadays players pump their chest when they hit big shots. But the truth is they don’t compete at the next level of basketball by joining another team.

Tim Duncan never made am excuse the small market and teammates to be a winner. He just takes whoever with him that’s why he’s been the ultimate teammates ever. No drama, no trash talk, no argument just simple basketball into the next level.

For Durant, nobody will believe whatever he will say about leaving. The one thing is clear he’s a soft diva who ran away into the competition because he had a weak ass mind.

That’s why people should realize one thing Spurs can’t sign All-Star in free agency. They’re soft for Spurs culture of winning.

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