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October 22, 2020

Spurs Weakness this Season that they need to fix

The San Antonio is on top in three-point shooting percentage-wise but rank 26th in volume. This is what their main weakness coming this season. The main thing to fix first as they don’t have a lot of shooters.


They traded their best shooter Davis Bertans to the Wizards. Dejounte Murray isn’t a floor spacer who will likely to start. DeRozan making 16% of his three-point attempt last season. The Spurs rely on midrange heavily. With the league value spacing and three points now.


Few from the roster making three with the exception of Marco Belinelli, Patty Mills and now Demarre Carroll. If there is a player who can shoot consistently. The point guards or wings like DeRozan can attack the lane and best defender without help.

The Spurs had the best shooting coach with Chip England. When Derrick White and Murray can improve them to a valuable three-point shooter. The Spurs can address the weakness of the team. With the history of success like Tony Parker, the Bruce Bowen who used corner three. Even Kawhi Leonard they fixed his shooting woes. So the history suggests the Spurs on the right track.

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