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October 19, 2020

Spurs underrated dunker of all time

Media labeled the Spurs as boring because of a lack of charisma on national TV. They’re not flashy, fans just watching them put the ball on the bucket. They think it’s not fun to watch. People love the dunks, lob pass, and flops. But if we talk dunks Spurs had a lot of it that they don’t notice.

San Antonio had Manu Ginobili in the past who can dunk over people. He’s crafty all over the place and with no hesitation if given a chance.

DeMar DeRozan was the current Spur who loves dunking. He didn’t every night but when he did it, always a top-five in ESPN NBA.

Prior to DeRozan, the Spurs had Jonathan Simmons who fly all over the court.

But we’re talking about the most underrated dunker for the Spurs history. Likes nobody can do what Matt Bonner did when dunking. A 6’10 guy who isn’t athletic that his task is to space the floor and hit three-point shot.

He’s a great dinner since his school day which is cool to watch. He did a Kenny Smith impersonation.

Matt Bonner even gets a revenge dunk against his former team.

Red Mamba is nothing if Matt Bonner can’tt do these dunks. Even the media trying hard to get Alex Caruso names in the list of popularity, Bonner is simply doing his things winning in San Antonio.

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